Quick Question Ladies....

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  1. Those of you that were at the outlets today, did they have 20% off coupons that they were handing out or did you get an email and have to print it out?

    I've got a large black zoe and matching wallet on hold :yahoo:

    (It's all your fault, T-Girl! I'm hooked on the large bags now lol)
  2. I'm not sure. When I went yesterday they weren't handing them out. You should probably print it out and take it with you, just in case.
  3. They were not handing out anything today. Definitely bring the printout.
  4. They aren't handing them out but my store did give my friend the 20% off b/c she forgot to bring hers...but I wouldn't count on that.
  5. They weren't handing them out at my outlet... I printed mine off
  6. I'm not getting the emails unfortunately :sad: Is it possible to forward them? If so could I beg one of you to forward it to me ( conchenn@gmail.com ) I'm going to have to check and get my name on the email list if it's not on there.
  7. They were not handing a coupon out on Wed. Im taking a print tomm.
  8. My outlet was not handing them out either. I had to have my own.
  9. I printed my coupon from email & took it with me. They were not handing them out today at the outlet. The last time I had 20% coupon...(few weeks ago) they were handing 10% off coupons out to anyone who walked throught the door....but not today.
    The woman at the register next to me asked her SA about my coupon and was not too happy. They offered to put her on the mailing list for next time.
  10. You're welcome! When I said to print it just to be safe, I just assumed everyone knew it was on the shopping thread, didn't even cross my mind to post the link. Of course to assume that would mean also assuming everyone else has no life and spends as many hours on tPF, reading every thread like I do. :P
  11. Well I'm glad I come to the forums where you ladies share your knowledge and coupons! The last time I was at the outlet was jun 27 a saturday (and my birthday) They were handing out 20% coupons to anyone who walked in the door, so that's why I asked.

    Tomorrow I will be picking up my Zoe! :nuts: