Quick question: How many key does the muse come with?

  1. one or three? or other?
  2. Mine came with one key
  3. Some say it comes with two keys
  4. The first batch of Muses that came out in fall 2005, and some in early 2006, had three keys, then YSL switched to one key.
  5. aaah that explains it. Why 3 keys to begin with?
  6. ^^^I'm not really sure why. :shrugs: But there's been discussion in the past on tPF about the discrepancy.
  7. Mine has 1 key.
  8. Mine came with 1 key. It's from '06.
  9. what key are you talking about? it comes with a lock???
  10. Mine too.
  11. One key also. From 2007.
  12. one key. fall'06
  13. Three keys 05.
  14. One with 1 key and 1 with 3 keys, both from the first season of 2006 (different colors)