Quick Question - Handle on Veneta

  1. Hi, I just bought a large ebano Veneta and I've been examining it (and petting it!) since I got home. Is the 'braid' on the top of the handle supposed to be directly in the middle of the handle or is it a little off to one side? I know I'm being picky here...just wondering if you Veneta owners could check yours. Does the edging fall right in the middle at the top of the handle with the width of the smooth leather even on either side?
    thank you so much!!!
  2. Yay for Venetas!

    I noticed that on mine the braid goes off to the side, but not having it here I can't tell you which. I figured it was the way the handle rolled. I didn't really care after the intial look...but I did play with it for a minute to see if I could roll it more to the center.
  3. Mine falls to one side away from the inner pocket direction. In fact it almost lies flat on its side. Congrats on d new bag chitowncat!
  4. Thank you all very much - I appreciate it. I love my new bag!!!
  5. Enjoy and wear her in good health, chitowncat!
  6. Congratulations on the new bag!
  7. I have a medium veneta only. The braid on the handle (if looking from directly above) is in the centre of the handle.
  8. On my medium veneta the braid is in the middle, but it definately falls flat to one side.
  9. Same for mine.
  10. First of all congrats on your new Veneta! I :heart: Venetas!! I have a Medium Magnolia and Large Noce and both of the braids are in the middle and tended to lay flat on one side too. But being that I'm a perfectionist :rolleyes:...I have "trained" them to lay flat in the middle through use and now they pretty much do! :smile: