Quick question from a HH newbie.

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  1. Sorry if this has been covered before, but I swear I did a search!

    I've never bought HH until recently during the holiday sale and I noticed that they're on sale again, now that I'm on the list.

    Do their stuff often go on sale or are the two recent sales flukes? There are several things I'm eyeing but then I'm supposed to be on a ban so I thought I might space them out if HH goes on sale somewhat often.

  2. Hi! =) I think there have been 6-7 sales now back to back since late fall if I recall correctly...supposedly this is their last till spring. But they've said that before the last two sales, too. I wouldn't count on another sale for at least a few months, but you never know with HH! From what I've seen, this is more of a fluke than normal...there's usually not so many sales grouped together I don't think. Seems like they're just trying to clear out extra stock right now. So...yeah not really sure what to tell you lol. But good luck deciding. :P
  3. Hard to predict. There are a lot of dry stretches normally. I think they had several sales grouped together just because holiday sales have been disappointing for all merchants because of the bad economy (thankful, wishful, inauguration sale). Normally there are really good sales when they clear out a season followed by months of virtually nothing.
  4. ITA with the above. After all these sales, when they end and everything is FP all the time, it feels weird and sad. I always feel like I buy too much during the sales, but when there aren't any for a while, I'm kinda glad I did!
  5. Okay, that works. Thanks everyone! Yes, I'm used to the giant sale once every season to clear out the previous season's stuff. I'm not used to seeing weeks and weeks of sale items!

    Decisions, decisions.
  6. There were jokes on other forums like tFS that HH would have sales every 2 weeks, but they have gone months without a sale in the past. However, HH would add good deals to the Sale page once in a while. Recently, there have been more sales at closer intervals for the reasons kinbrooklyn mentioned. It's tough times all around for retailers. Look at it this way, we're doing our part! ;)