Quick Question for you Pro's on here

Jun 12, 2007
Hi all. I have just recently come back to this board after a bit of hiatus. I dont think i ever even posted until fairly recently. Ive noticed that a lot of you own Sabrina and Julianne bags. The style # 12963 and 12947 is what im trying to decide on.

Here is my question, of the 2 bags listed, which bag has a drop length of more? Which bag really is a more shoulder bag if you will? Also, i do not need a ton of room. Im more of a med sized bag gal? Also i would want dark brown signature op art styles of either of the above. Opinions please?


Aug 21, 2008
Eastern Iowa
OK, first off I only own the Sabrina (large black on black OpArt) so I can only speak of what I THINK I know!!! LOL

If you are a medium size bag gal I'd say you'd be very safe with the sm/medium sized Sabrina! I am a large bag girl and can easily carry all of my daily good's in the large! The stuff I carry in my Gigi ALL fit's in the large Sabrina!

The Julianne is a gorgeous bag, but IMO I like the Sabrina better IF you are going OpArt signature route! I love the all leather of the Julianne. Also BOTH bags are shoulder bags due to the "hybrid" of the shoulder straps! I wear Sabrina on my arm or in my hand 99% of the time but I have carried her as a shoulder bag and I think she work's FAB both ways!

I'm kind of a cheerleader for the Sabrina, and I don't think I'm the only one!

I vote for the sm/med sized Sabrina!!! (This option is also kinder on the walllet and you can NEVER beat that!)


Dreaming of NYC....
Mar 23, 2008
I am a sabrina lover as well! I own three ( I know it's crazy), the black and teal leather and the khaki sig (all large) so I am partial. I like the shape of it better than the julianne bc of it's shallow-ness. I like to see all my things when I open a bag so I would not like all my stuff falling to the bottom of the julianne. Plus I don't like the 'rabbit ears' look of the julianne. There are tons of modeling pics and info about both styles in the Madison lovers thread. You might want to look around in there. It should still be on the first page.

Good luck making your decision!