quick question for Tai Pei TPFer's!

  1. Is there an LV store in the Tai Pei airport? Im in Tai Pei right now, and tooooooo lazy to actually go around and look! Thanks a bunch!
  2. lucky you get to enjoy the fablous night life and all the yummies! sry i haven't been back for a while, so can't help ya on this one :crybaby:
  3. Yeah Taiwan is nice, but i miss LA!!!!!!!!!! im going home soon =]
  4. hi, i dun think there is a LV at Taipei Airport.. anyway, its not a cheap place to shop for LV
  5. This is late, but there is no LV in the airport. So you didn't miss out! :biggrin: There are Gucci and Prada boutiques though, if I remember correctly.
  6. I dont think there is a LV in airport!! I have heard Gucci is there !!