Quick question for SOLOGNE owners

  1. I've only seen this being worn across the chest, but I want to wear it more like a shoulder bag. Anyone have a pic of them wearing it shoulder-style? I wasn't able to find anything in the visual aids thread that showed me the angle I wanted...
  2. The Sologne was meant to be worn either diagonally or carry straight on the shoulder.
  3. I would think you could wear it either way?
  4. i think its too long for shoulder bag

    do you want a Lodge instead? or Euza?
  5. I have sologne bag and I don't think its a shoulder bag. Its too structured and wide to be one. its meant to be carried diagonally.
  6. my cousin has one, and YES you can wear it straight on the shoulder, but I prefer it diagonally just because the style seems to be more casual for me... kinda like a tourist? lol I dunno, it's a nice bag (except for the buckles....too troublesome and also causes creases in the leather....)
  7. I wear it both ways. I think I have a picture but may have deleted it. Let me look.
  8. Here it is worn both ways. I am 5-7 and I have the strap out almost all the way.
    DSCN1543.jpg DSCN1545.jpg
  9. thnx for feedback ladies...

    Ugh... why am I having such a difficult time finding a MM that I like? :sad:

    (thnx for digging up the pics, helped a lot)
  10. I have the black MC one and wear it as a shoulder bag. On me, it's the same length either way I wear it and I feel uncomfy with bags being worn cross body. So I wear it as a shoulder bag.