Quick question for our lovely SAs

  1. I NEED to buy a purse and accessories in the Coach Hamptons Leather Signature... :love:

    How much longer will it be out?

    Can I ask for Christmas presents? Or will it be too late? :confused1:

    Thanks! :smile:
  2. Since your asking,I also want to know if I can find at The Suede Optic Signature Gallery Tote anywhere at an outlet I will take pink/purple or the Blue/green combos. Who do I ask, as there is no outlets or stores in my area? Style 3682 is the pink/purple combo. I can't afford ebay's prices. All info would be very helpful!!!
  3. I think it will leave end of october or november, i'm not exactly sure though but i'm just going by the recent trends.
  4. So the Coach website would probably get rid of all the new collections (soho, hamptons, etc) by the end of October or November?
  5. i don't think so, judging from last year's hampton's signature sales...they will definitely keep it until after christmas..the only reason why we have a new one is because they just updated the verison we had last christmas (and that one, whatever left, has gone to jax for special order)

    so that one lasted throughout the season, i think this will too UNLESS it sells out. and with the chestnut khaki, similar to the brown color last year, which sold out completely before november, and couldn't be ordered.

    long story short, khaki chestnut, order before november or the number gets too low (*as SA at your coach) black, will probably be around longer, maybe past christmas.