Quick question for LV lover that is being tempted by Balenciaga....

  1. sooo i really really really want a black city. but i just saw pics of one with the giant hardwear OMG TDF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is that still available or was that a limited edition thing??

    Thanks in advance!!!!!

    Shhhh dont tell the ladies in the LV section. lol

    p.s. twiggers...i am looking at a white twiggy but I'm like 5'6" 125lbs...is that bag too small for me?? (i ask because i know how you love your twiggys!)
  2. oh.
  3. The black city with giant silver or gold hardware is still available! Black is available every season! Good luck and welcome!
  4. YES!!!!!!!!! im gonna get it in black with the giant gold hardwear i think. mmm im gonna call balenciaga tomorrow! (my bdays comming up...i was gonna get something LV...but now idk. or maybe ill wait till christmas to ask for the bbag since its more than i was gonna ask for for the bday(since its so close...poor bf...its my bday OCT, his bday NOV, christmas DEC, Valentines day FEB, and Anniversary MARCH, my brothers bday APRIL)
  5. Welcome to the bbag forum LVoeLV - I love LV and Balenciaga (Chanel, too!) bags equally. The black city with gold gh is an amazing bag, I have one and really love it! Good luck w/your decision, and prepare to become bbag addicted!
  6. Aww welcome :smile:

    Not an owner of any Black bags, but just for your consideration, the GH is considerably heavier than RH..
  7. Black city w/gold hw sounds divine! You can also consider a part time which is longer length wise and deeper and just a teeny bit shorter....I personally think the part times look even greater with giant hardware!
  8. ^I agree!
  9. hmmm. this is trouble i think lol. idk...a LV speedy 30 is usually as big as I go...which would be more comprable to the size of that?? the city or the part time (and price on the city with gh...someone said like $1650??ish)
  10. I think the City is the best size for most people (I don't know a Speedy 30 from a hole in the ground, though ;) ).

    The Part Time is pretty big and very east-west. Many people don't like how it looks hanging from the shoulder strap because it slouches a lot. If you prefer hand-carrying and not using the shoulder-strap, it'd probably be fine. I'm guessing the Part Time is wider and shallower than a Speedy 30 (ok, I guess I have to admit I have *some* idea what a Speedy 30 is... ;) ).
  11. I have 2 Speedy 30s and the City is a bit bigger, although not as wide bottom-wise. So the city is probably what you are looking for!
  12. HEEHEE welcome :smile:

    I don't think the twiggy would be too small for you. I am 5'5 and weigh a little more than you and it's perfect!!!! I also love the size of the city though LOL

    I think I like the twiggy because it fits all my crap and the shape reminds me a bit of a papillon!!
  13. ^^thanks twiggy. i think i wanna go with the black city & gold gh ****Sigh**** so gorgeous, i dont care what any of my hardcore LV lovers say balenciaga bags are TDF!

    someone had mentioned that the GH is a lot heavier than a regular one...like how much are we talking here?? pounds! it looks pretty heavy duty but i never even thought of that.
  14. I'm an LV lover myself but have a City in Mogano and a First in Ivory (currently awaiting a Grey City - yipee!). I love my speedy 30 and I think the City is closest in size (and weight). If you are a speedy 30-lover then you will adore the City! (actually I use my City a whole lot more, though I was devoted to my speedy for ages). You can put a whole lot in it and it doesn't look bulky.
  15. ^^ aww thank you. that actually helps me a lot. Yeah i loveeee my speedy. lol. well...all speedies! haha. can't wait to get a balenciaga though, i have wanted one for as long as i wanted an LV, but LV always had some things that I could afford vs 1k ya know. (i started LV collecting at 18)