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  1. Is there a date code in the Hampstead MM, and if so, where is it located? I recently purchased mine at LV in Saks, so I know that it's authentic, but when I was just updating my files (yes, I know I'm a little nutty keeping records of all my LV purchases :nuts:), I couldn't find a date code anywhere in that puppy! Any info would be much appreciated! Thank you!!!
  2. Anyone? :confused1:
  3. south-of-france has a Hampstead! Send her a Private Message!
  4. My guess would be along the seam inside the inside pocket.

    EDIT: Yes, it is. I found this photo:


    Hope this helps.:smile:
  5. Awesome! Thanks so much - I'm going to go look right now!
  6. Yup I got one and carry it almost every day :smile: The date code is on the inside of the inner pocket (not the zipped or the cell phone pocket), just like in the pic.
  7. Thank you! I just looked, and it was right there where you said it would be! It looks like it says CA1097, though - what does that mean, any ideas?
  8. Please post all date code questions in the Date Code Questions thread at the top of the Reference Library. Thank you!
Thread Status:
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