Quick question, Damier Speedy all have the red lining?

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  1. Hi guys...

    I just had a quick question about the lining of the Damier speedy....I just saw them and the lining was red..are they all like that? I have a orange lining...anyone with one as well? Thank you.
  2. I thought they were all red?
  3. all Damier I mean
  4. It should have red lining for the damier speedy, unless you got a SO damier speedy awhile back? Did you buy yours from the store?
  5. I had mine special ordered about 2 years back.......I just found out that they changed the lining to red on the Damiers while at the LV store today...and wanted to know if the speedy had them too.

    So all the speedys have the red lining only?
  6. That's probably why then..the Speedys, as far as I know, all have the red lining. Mine does as well.
    Once they made it a permanent piece, they probably decided they needed something to distinguish the new permanent pieces from the SO's.
  7. my speedy does have the red lining as well but maybe older version of damier bags got different lining..
  8. Thank you....So thats were my extra money went...the orange lining :rolleyes: :P
    Acutally, I really like the red lining better, it really looks distintive. Oh well....
  9. My Damier's lining is a cross between orange and red...O.o
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