Quick question - Coach Carly.

  1. it was not
  2. Actually the slim was, I saw a bunch of them in Macys. I also saw a pilot bag at my boutique that will be coming out in this color. It was soho though. BUT YES, that is authentic, and Macys have them!
  3. That looks like a black and white photo of the khaki Carly.
  4. Looking at the straps, I think you are on to something. They do look like the detail on the slim Carly.
  5. Ohh, Did you notice the nickel hardware???? I likey!!!
  6. That is a pic of the slim carly but to answer your question, no they did not make that color in the medium or large carly. :tdown:
  7. It's a department store edition. I have seen them at Macy's and Nordstrom's. It's the slim style so in between the medium and the large.
  8. Thanks for your reply! I knew it came in the slim style, just was really hoping it would be available in the medium size. Ive done a few searches on the Slim - as well as compared the measurements of the slim to the medium carly, and it seems to be similar in size, but then when i look at pictures of the slim on eBay, it looks like the bottom width isn't nearly as wide as the medium carly even though the measurements indicate that it is actually wider on the bottom!?
  9. The measurements on the website are off for the slim Carly it seems :push:
  10. I was passing through Macy's today and they had them in stock if anyone was interested.