Quick Question Cherry Blossom

  1. Was there a Cherry Blossom scarf released not a bandana (pocket scarf) a larger scarf 35" x 35" in cotton??
  2. There was a silk scarf, but not sure about a larger cotton scarf besides the bandana.
  3. Thank you. does anyone know for sure?
  4. Yes, actually 3 Brown/pink, pink/pink and yellow/green
  5. WAIT! Hold on!
    Yes, there is the 35"x 35" size!!
  6. ok so there definately was a big one thanks guys
  7. missed it, karman was that you bidding too
  8. Hahhaa, yes! :p
  9. i have no idea, but i hope you find what you want! :smile:
  10. ha ha bring it on girl :boxing: JK