Quick Question - Chanel CC Logo Earrings

  1. Does anyone know how much they retail for, in size medium? Thanks! :flowers:
  2. I wanna say $215 but I don't remember exactly.
  3. When I called around to order mine, they said they came in small & large. The smaller ones were $185 & the larger ones were $210 I think.

    When I called Saks though, they told me the opposite, the smaller ones were $210 & the larger were $185...I'd call around again & be sure to tell them exactly what pair you want!
  4. oh whoops, i meant large. Thanks so much, both of you! I couldn't remember at all. I'll call around to make sure :smile:
  5. Small one is 185.00 and Larger one is 210.00
    The large one is about the size of Dime and small one is half size of that.
    The most selling is the large one and also have matching necklace same size as the earrings for 155.00
    The small size matching necklace anyhow is 220.00.

    Made of Swarovski crystal and mixed metal.
    Suggest to take it of when you shower..otherwise it will be tarnish.