Quick question! Can someone answer?

  1. Everyones been talking about the pre sale for PCE. I was wondering does the pre sale start on the 17th or around then like everyones been saying? Or is that the day that you actually purchase your items and get the discount?

    Thanks Ladies!
  2. ms-whitney in a previous thread said that presale begins around the 17th.
  3. So we don't officially start purchasing till maybe the end of March?
  4. i'm so confused.
  5. Sorry for the confusion. Im just trying to find out if I have till the end of March to save more money so I can buy more!:graucho:
  6. well i dont know how to get a card or if the one near me will even have PCE because thats about the time they're GRAND freakin opening will be! i don't know how to become part of this and would like to know :yes:
  7. Should I pre-order now? Or can you not start till around the 17th?
  8. i'm so sorry for the confusion!

    here's everything!!!

    the PCE pre-sale is on the 16th, that is done in the store, early on, so the customer can't be there since the store obviously isn't opened yet ;) but you may place your orders now, and have them use that order form (old school, carbon copy with three colors, for those who "pre-ordered" the perfume should know what i'm talking about)

    the beat-the-crowd starts on the 17th a day in advance

    of 18th-25th offical days of PCE.

    beat-the-crowd is for those who are the top top % of the list, and in the past they have been allowed to use their card twice...

    but since everyone seems to be getting back their card this time would feel different?

    in any case

    my store will stick to the rules (unless asked otherwise ;))

    i'm so excited! i can't wait for the event to start!!