Quick Question - Buyer Refused Package Multiple Times

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  1. I sold a $20 board game on ebay. I mailed it to the buyer. The package returned. He messaged me that his aunt refused it and to please send it again. He paid $8 shipping fee originally.

    He paid another $8 shipping fee for me to mail it again. I mailed it. It returned saying wrong address. (address was taken straight from paypal)

    I messaged the buyer that I'm sorry, send me your address and I'll send it again. This time I paid the $8 to ship it again.

    Last week, the package returns AGAIN. Says Recipient Refused Return to Sender.

    I am sincerely over it. I don't want to get negative feedback but I also don't want to deal with this anymore. I won't be mailing it again. I want to just send a message to the person that gets my point across. What do I say?

    Can I post feedback that basically says this is not a serious buyer? Can I somehow protect myself from negative feedback?
    I don't think I want to refund this person their money because of the hassle; is that fair? Am I wrong to want to keep the money that I already paid fees on?

    What would you do in my position?
  2. Sheesh. I have no idea how you'd go about protecting yourself from negative FB, but I do think that if they don't have their game, you're required to refund.

    What I would do is email them and detail the three shipments, (and do include that you shipped to their paypal address) and say that you feel that it is best to cancel the sale at this point. Refund their original shipping too, but not the extra they sent you to ship the additional time. If you cancel the sale, they can't leave FB, and you get your fees back.
  3. I agree with this except I wouldn't refund their original shipping. It was returned because it was refused on their end, + you went out of pocket to ship it the third time.
  4. That must be so frustrating!
    but I agree with schientist just cancel the sale then you'll avoid neg feedback and you'll get your fees back

    good luck :biggrin:
  5. Thanks for the quick responses! I'm going to send him a message tonight with the outcome. I feel like my time and effort was just wasted. Ridiculous game is being donated to salvation army at this point.

    Any other ideas?
  6. put the buyer on your BBL
  7. Call Ebay and explain the situation and ask them if he can leave neg FB. What a pain, sorry this happened to you. I would definitely block him from buying again.
  8. If they leave neg. maybe ebay will remove it for you since they refused the package 2 times, and address was "wrong" once
  9. I would refund everything but the three shipping fees. You shouldn't be out of pocket because he wants to play games BEFORE he gets the board game from you. I just recently started selling on eBay, and this scares me to continue!
  10. You have no right to not refund the buyer. That's ridiculous.

    Refund them and say you're sorry but you will not be shipping the item again as it has been returned multiple times.
  11. So I refunded the person their money but it's been more than 45 days and I can't open a case. Any other route I can take?
  12. Call ebay and see if they will give you a FVF.