Quick Question - Box in Ink or Black?

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  1. Which looks better and would be best for my first B-Bag? Also - do you think its a good style for my first especially since I don't carry a lot? Thanks gals!
  2. I have an ink and a black. Not in the box though, I have to say that black is stored in its box and in hibernation.
  3. So I take it - your answer is Ink! Does it go with everything?
  4. I ditto Ink too. There are plenty of options for black bags, but only one Ink. Ink is peerless!
  5. Im changing things up a little, I have had ink and black in which I think black is the best. Have fun choosing!
  6. Well it keeps changing its colour. When it is sitting in my room, it looks black. When i take it outside in the sun, it looks purple...it has a mind of its own, which is a very good thing!

    Like most of the other girls have said, they always have black in all seasons. I still think Ink is a "safe" colour and it is fun because it is a chameleon. I would go for colour, but beware, you will want more..i know i do :blush:
  7. How about the style as well - is the Box cute IRL?
  8. ^^ the box is adorable & functional :love:
  9. i have the ink in the box style and it is gorgeous ,it looks like black sometimes and other times hint of purple and navy blue .it is small to look at but fits a awful lot
  10. Ink all the way!
  11. Ink !!!
    Black will be always available ....
  12. I'm rooting for ink! But either one, you can't go wrong. Good luck! =)
  13. I'd go for Ink too! Box is a nice size with plenty of room to spare. Go for it!
  14. Ok - did it :yahoo: !! Ordered the Ink Box from Barneys in MA - should be here Tuesday or Wednesday!! Thanks for all your help and advice!!
  15. yay!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: How exciting! You will love!