quick question - blue bag - has anyone got one?

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  1. just wondered does anyone own a navy bag - and if so what do you wear it with? could you use it in summer?
  2. Yes someone here who is new to the Mulberry forum just bought a patent navy bayswater - I'll see if I can find out who it was.
  3. Ditab has the navy pleated Poppy as well.
  4. mrsvincenoir has a blue EW Bays
  5. I think you could wear Navy in the summer, I mean look at all that 'Sailor' fashion.

    A Navy bag would go great with White Linen Trousers, White Vest Top with Red Cardigan or something. White, Navy and Red go really well together.
  6. I wear my navy Poppy with everything :shrugs: I think the only colour that's tricky is black and I've got a black with navy McQueen skull scarf so that ties the colours in :yes:

    It's very versatile :tup:
  7. I use my denim mabel more in the summer. I know its not navy but its still blue.
  8. yes that look would def work - so perhaps navy is better in summer when you wear less black.
  9. i have a navy minkoff bag which i have never ever carried as i cant seem to make it go with anything - just deciding whether to let it go or wait to see if it works in summer.