quick question before i go to LV

  1. i've never special ordered something from an LV boutique, so i was just curious if you pay for the item before or after it comes in? im going to LV today to order the transparent inclusion PM bracelet, which there is a wait list for. thanks :smile:
  2. depends on where you sometimes in US people pay to guarantee item. in UK you can only pay when it arrives
  3. From my knowledge about SO's
    They have to send off the request to France to see if it can be made, then when the approval comes back, the SO paper is filled out, you put half down for the item that's going to be SO'd. When the item arrives, you pay the rest of the amount.
  4. thanks for your help. i actually just found the bracelet on eluxury.com, with free shipping! so im just going to order through them so i dont have to pay sales tax :supacool:
  5. Good deal! Can't wait to see pics! :nuts:
  6. ya
  7. what do u have in mind for SO?