quick question- already own mini pochette. wapity redundant?

  1. i was thinking of a wapity to hold my camera... is it redundant??? thanks!
  2. i don't think it's redundant. you'll be using them for different things, right?
  3. I think those two bags serve different functions - the mini pochette is more of a wallet substitute or for smaller items. The Wapity was made for electronics so it would make sense to buy it for a digital camera.
  4. nope! because then you'll have one more piece to your LV collection! you're asking the wrong crowd sweetie, we're all enablers here! haha.
  5. I don't think so. I think the wapity would hold more than the mini pochette, too.
  6. can you post a pic of what your mini pochette holds cuz I have the wapity and was thinking of getting the mini pochette as well. :smile:
  7. good point!
  8. i need to take some new photos= i'll do it by tonight!
  9. I use them for different things! I use my wapity for a camera case!!
  10. LOL frozen!!! SO true! :p

    I would get the black MC Wapity... it's so cute!
  11. Comp. pics for you.



  12. This was taken to show the cb cap...but look at all the make up in front of the mini...that all went in there. HTH

  13. tink will all that makeup fit into the wapity as well?? any way you can post pics of what will fit into the mini and then see if it will fit into the wapity and post pics too?
  14. Thanks, Twinkle.Tink! Your comparison pics say ":yes: :yes: :yes:" Buy more LV! Pochette is a accessory pouch for the bag. The Wapity is the case for the electronics and other things! Can't go wrong with another accessory pouch especially if you have something else to use it for.

  15. I think the wapity is redundant in genral. JMO!