Quick question about the STAM!

  1. Hi! I am wondering if the quilted stam ever came with a suede interior, or if they were always made with twill/canvas lining?
    I love the idea of a suede lining so I am hoping it exists.
    Stam owners please let me know!
  2. Yes they did. Canvas only came out in the Sp/Su line.
  3. Yeah, all the stams before that came in suede. It does make the bag a bit heavier though
  4. You'll have trouble finding a stam with suede interior at stores as most only carry the twill/canvas interior. Ebay is too risky but sometime a real one may pop up.
  5. the original fall 05 stams had a burgundy suede interior and it is the most faked interior...the spring resort line had a cream suede interior, except for the spring resort cream colored stam which was the only on to have a blue suede interior :flower: