Quick question about S/S 07 black bags -- please help

  1. Hi,

    I have heard much talk to S/S 07 black bags being prone to fading to dark green.

    Does anybody here have a S/S 07 bag that is still a beautiful black and hasn't faded at all? Or do you all advise to stay away from that particular batch of black bags?

    Thanks. :okay:
  2. My FW07 City is solid dark black

    My SS07 GGH Work started out with more of a faded look, as first i wanted it to be jet black like my city, but I actualy love her just the way she is. Not fading to green though, its more of a midnight greyish bluish black.

    Love them both:love:
    IMG_0421.jpg IMG_0470.jpg
  3. Thanks for that information. Good to hear that neither of the bags have faded.
  4. my o7 black city hasnt faded or developed any sort of green tint. i've been using it almost every day for about 2-3 months, and it's in the sun ALOT - so i was expecting it to fade, actually.
  5. Verty, is yours a summer/spring 07 or a fall/winter 07?

  6. Mine is S/S07 and it hasn't greened at all, it looks gorgeously black:


  7. hmmm good question... i'm guessing because i got it 2-3 months ago and kim said she just got it in that's it f/w o7
  8. Yes, sounds like f/w 07. The paper tag would tell you. Thanks.