Quick question about returns


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Dec 21, 2008
the Heartland
I see you can return outlet merchandise to FP stores, but can you do it the other way around?
Yes, you can return FP to outlet.... at the very least, it has to have the tag still attached, but you should also take your receipt/packing slip, so you can get accurate credit. If you don't have your receipt and it's an item that was sent to the outlet as a 'delete' - you would typically only get what it was selling for there, not what you originally paid.


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May 9, 2012
Christmas City, PA
you can absolutely return a full price bag to an outlet...delete searchers LOVE that! :smile:,

you can also return a factory bag to full price with receipt, they only give you store credt.

The back of the receipt explains this as quoted:

New, unused FACTORY merch may be returned for merch credit only in a full price store with an original coach receipt or gift receipt. without a receipt coach factory merch can only be returned in a coach factory store for merch credit and will be retruned at the lowest price in the last 30 days.


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Aug 29, 2010
Bakersfield, CA
It's the small floral tote, I just don't care for the color. I won't need a refund, I was just going to get a couple goodies at the outlet with it. :smile: