Quick question about purchasing a Chanel from Neiman!

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  1. Okay I never been to a Neiman & MArcus. I've only purchase stuff from their site. Yesterday I was able to locate a small Chanel bowly in pink on sale for 30% off. But the SA told me the only way for me to purchase it would be with a NM credit card or Amex card. I currently don't own any of them and I'm not looking to sign up for any more cards. Is this true?
  2. Hi,

    Yes, Neimans only accepts their CC and Amex--in stores. However, online you can use other cards. Best of luck on getting your bag!!
  3. WOW I can't believe it! At first I thought she was lying to me. Wow that really is something. I guess I'm going to have to just get it at a store then. Thanks so much!
  4. The only Neimans that accepts visa is the one in las vegas, i think its so dumb
  5. True. Sometimes they will let you purchase a NM gift card with a Visa/MC. You could try that.
  6. My Neiman's in Troy, MI will let you use a Visa or M/C, but only if you are there in person, get a manager's approval (SA will do this) and it has to be over $1,000 purchase. You should call your SA and ask her about it. Apparently, it's up to the manager and some stores will not do it.
  7. You are a freaken genius!!!! It's so simple why didn't I think of it (duh!). Ok it works .... I will probably get my bag this friday.
  8. Hi! Thanks for starting this thread!!!! I had no idea about this, I have never been there either. So I have a question, and I don't want to offend anyone, but can anyone PM me or tell me which store has a better selection of Chanel bags: Neiman Marcus or Saks? Thanks!! I appreciate it...again, I'm not trying to say that either is a bad store or anything, I've never been to either of them, but I will have to travel to both stores to purchase my bag, and I want to make sure that the bag I want is in stock. Thank you!
  9. That is the DUMBEST thing. I really really REALLY hate that about Neiman Marcus. Ridiculous!
  10. it doesn't bother me for some reason:shrugs:

    In Dallas, SASK doesn't carry Chanel at all {aside from some sunnies} so NM has a much better selection here:yes
    Just depends on where you are.
  11. I was going to get a bag from Neiman Marcus once, and I was told that I could order the bag through the Las Vegas store (since they accept Visa), then have the bag shipped from whatever store its located at. Does that make sense? Hope that helps.
  12. CharityJ!!! That makes even more SENSE! Why didn't any SA recommend that to me. Here I am begging friends to let me borrow their AMEX to buying gazillion gift cards on ebay and NM site. When all I had to do was to call Las Vegas!!! Oh well I already purchased a gift card on ebay the seller is emailing the digits in a bit.
  13. I don't get why NM in Vegas can do this but the others cannot.

    I think it's stupid that NM doesn't take all of the cards considering they take Visa/Mastercard on their website. I use Visa on there all the time.

    So, I usually take cash when I go or order from Vegas. I'm not going to take on another card. It's a pet peeve with me.

  14. I find it "weird" too for such practice:confused1:
    why only amex...how abt citibank Visa (citibank being the top bank in the "world")...???:rolleyes:
  15. I do it with personal checks at NM Boston. They are never fuzzy about it. And when you do a return, you get cash back!=) and Saks in Boston does not carry Chanel as well so NM is better=)