Quick Question About Locks

  1. are all authentic locks shiny or do some look like this? i thought all authentic locks were shiny brass. but i've seen a lot of bags around that look authentic but have locks like these.
  2. They oxidize, you polish them up with Brasso or even toothpaste.
  3. That one in the picture actually looks better than some of mine!
  4. Mine too, some of mine are chipped up & splotchy. Time for a visit to LV for new ones I guess.
  5. my moms locks are a bit tarnished but when she first got her speedy, it did look like that ....
  6. Some of mine look like the one in your picture, but I know they're authentic b/c I got them from ELux. On bags I don't use much the locks are still shiney and a bright golden color.

  7. Mine too :yes:
  8. LV has both polished and brushed locks. To me it seems kind of random what kind you get... Last week I purchased a Monogram Keepall for myself and a Damier one for BF and got a brushed one on the Mono and a polished one on the Damier one. Today I went in and got a Mono Deauville for myself and the lock on it is polished. Hmmm...weird...:confused1: ...I wonder what is right...

  9. exactly. mine is not NEARLY so shiny though, i really should get on it!
  10. Do you think I could use jewelry cleaner?
  11. ^^It might work, but then again it might not. The metals used in most jewelry are pretty heavy, but the locks are just gold plated brass so the jewelry cleaner might break down the gold plating. If you really want to try it though, I'd use a really small amount on the bottom or some other place that isn't very visible.
  12. I really like the brushed locks, they look like they may not chip.
  13. I use Brasso on my locks and it works like a charm. Now they're all shiny.
  14. I have the silver colored one and it has a brushed finish.
  15. I clean mine all the time with brasso...turn out like new!