Quick Question About FP Shopping...

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  1. I have been enjoying the reveals here on tPF :biggrin: and am noticing that some people come back from the FP store with their bags in boxes. Is this how it is supposed to happen?

    I have bought several bags from my FP store and never, ever had them come in a box. The SA gets a bag from the back, puts it in the dust bag, and puts the dust bag in the shopping bag. Do you have to ask to get the box? Are the boxes helpful for storage purposes, or do you end up tossing them?

    Just wondering...
  2. I think you have to ask for it to be boxed. At least that's the only time I've ever gotten anything boxed.

    I have one small box I use to keep my receipts/tags in, and another larger one that I keep my fobs/misc small items in.

  3. The only time this has happened to me was with a bag from Dillards. It took the SA 15 minutes to create the box and put the bag in. Big waste of time.
    However, most of mine get put in shopping bags. My midnight maggie was ordered by Coach from one of their stores, so it came in a gift box. But usually, it's wrapped up unless I ask for a box (which I don't...don't want them to think I am reselling or something. Same thing with gift receipts...I ALWAYS say no, I do not want a GR.) which is only for certain occassions when I want to feel special. Like last PCE time. LOL!
  4. Normally, if I order at the store and have it shipped to store it automatically comes gift wrapped. That's how you get the box, well that's my understanding of it. I'm sure you can request gift wrapping when buying an in stock bag at the FP store.
  5. My store is mixed. Rarely it gets automatically "gift-wrapped" but they will do it if you ask and sometimes they will ask if you want it boxed.

    Usually they bring it out in the dustbag inside the Coach bag (same as you OP) and I then ask for the box because I do use them to store the purses in.
  6. I have 3 large boxes, 2 white and 1 pink.If you ask, they will usually give you one.I didn't get a box with my Sophia, but I didn't ask either:smile:I think they are very useful!I keep my accessorie's in my large pink box on my vanity.I also noticed that when I order from Jax., even my charms come in a box.I have 3 or 4 sizes, and they do come in very handy, so I would ask next time you stop by the store.
  7. Aren't the boxes great to keep your Fob's in.I had mine displayed, until my studded skull was stolen! Now since I replaced it during this PCE.I have one of the brown square boxes to keep them in.
  8. Thanks for the response ladies! I might ask for a box next time as a storage aid. I appreciate the help!
  9. My SA always puts them in boxes....but yeah I think you have to ask them...
  10. My SA usually asks if I would like to have my purses gift wrapped and sometimes I do, esp at Christmas. It feels fun to open up beautifully gift wrapped boxes. But if I am just going to use it right away then I don't bother.
  11. What about dust bags. I just bought a small julia and it didn't come with one but that is he first small bag I have ever purchased so I figured maybe it was because it's small. My other bags are large and came with them.

  12. Someone stoled your keychain? How'd they manage that?! Geeze what a jerk.
  13. I like the boxes for storing my bags but I always have to ask.

  14. did you get the cute top handle satchel looking one?
    you are right about small bags not having the dust bags.
    but some does... like poppy occasional clutch? the dustbag was so cute i couldn't stop laughing... it was smaller than A4 paper... ;)
  15. Typically they'll ask if it needs to be gift wrapped (at least at my FP store), though sometimes I've got to ask for it. For PCE they had to place an order through JAX and set it up as a gift but my bag just arrived in the plastic bag w/out the gift box.