Quick question about fashiophile for appeasement purposes, Input greatly appreciated!

  1. So we JUST bought another Damier geant from fashionphile, and MY sister still thinks it needs to go to a store fr authetication (she doesnt listen about mypupette and she thinks it's still possible for it to be a "super fake") anyways I want her to read from other people (and please give your honest opinion if you think we should go, it just like an hour away) that's there's not need, it even smells and looks like it just came from store (it was absolutley new only used for a few days from what I belive) is it a waste of time? It is authentic I know, but she doesnt and it's hers.
  2. I won't worry cos I've bought from her and it's absolutely real:yes: But for her peace of mind you guys might still want to get it authenticated at the boutique:shrugs:
  3. Sarah is a wonderful and honest person. She is an expert at Louis Vuitton and would never sell a fake. If your sister would like 100% confidence you can stop by the store but I hear now that they will not answer authenticity questions.
  4. ^^I was just going to say that I don't think LV boutiques will authenticate items for you.
  5. Whether or not a manager will authenticate an item for you depends upon a store's policy. I have had luck with the boutiques within major department stores, such as Neiman or Saks, but the flagship stores flatly refuse to authenticate.

    Oh, and Fashionphile (Sarah) is great! I have bought from her in the past, and she has a relationship with the LV store where she authenticates her items. I have heard that if one is a good customer of an LV boutique, the staff are usually more accomodating when it comes to authenticating an item.
  6. Why not authenticate it?

    I wouldn't care who I bought a bag from, I would always take it in for authentications.
  7. Not all stores are doing this anymore,
    You may have issues now getting this done.

    Otherwise, in regards to the question. Wonderful person to purchase from. Always authentic items, easy to work with. No worries.
  8. go to the store and get it checked out, that will put your mind at rest !
  9. I agree. If you can find a store to authenticate it, then do it.:smile:
  10. You might get lucky, but I too have heard stores will no longer do this.
  11. You could always post photos here and have leagues of Vuitton fans give you their opinion. I mean, we do have a thread about how tPF-ers feel like SAs know nothing.. and we are a bit closer than a 1 hour drive away. :graucho:
  12. Why aren't store authenticating bags anymore?
  13. I would assume, it might be to eliminate people purchasing bags from other sources. I am sure this all has to do with the company's net profit margin. After all, LV is in business to make money. When bags are purchased from other sources, that is money out of its pocket.
  14. I was going to suggest that too.
  15. Wow! I am suprised Lv stores don't do authentications anymore. I used to go to the South Coast Plaza store in Costa Mesa, California and I have heard from several people they are happy to authenticate for you.