Quick question about Citta Black print

  1. I just received a Citta Black denaro that I purchased on eBay and I was wondering something. This is my first item in this print, so I can't compare it to anything I own, but I wanted to know about the hardware. The zipper head is shiny, but the zipper pull and chain are brushed nickel (like the Inferno items). Is that the way they come? Just wondering? :confused1:

  2. my citta rosa is like that.
  3. i dont know for sher but i think i herd it was like that from another post on here
  4. Oh, cool!! I thought maybe my chain got swapped or something, although the seller was excellent, so I hated to think so. Either way it would been fine ... I just wondered. Thanks!!

    Oo:huh::huh:O, happy toki, I've seen your new Citta Rosa MM! :drool: Hawaii rules!! Don't you just get the urge sometimes to hop over to the store again and buy me a CR MM? :nuts: Come on, you do, admit it!:yes:
  5. Lmao. xD

    It was the only one there. :sad: But ahem. itsgoingtofindanewhomesoon. LOL.
  6. I recently noticed my tutti zucca is like that. :wtf:
  7. Hmmmm, I must check my Inferno MM when I get home. I can't be sure, but I think I remember seeing the same thing on that one and thinking ... :confused1:
  8. I guess they're all like that :confused1: I should look at all my stuff but I'm too lazy to start pulling it all out of the closet...let me check my caramellas...:wondering:wonderingkinda weird it's hard to tell on them...they look like their zipper heads match the pull chain. :wtf: