Quick question about BV prices???

  1. Does anyone know when BV have their price increases?? Is it annual and when does it roughly happen?? If anyone has this info, it would be really useful to know!:yes::yes:
  2. It's usually once a year. It happened around June/July last year - end of S/S and the start of A/W. Not sure if the timing is standardised every year.
  3. Thank you so much for replying Ms Piggy, it is always useful to know!
  4. Does it mean it will increase again this year?
  5. On the topic of BV prices (sorry Syma to go off tangent here), does anyone know the price of a Large Veneta (classic color) in Hong Kong?

    In Japan (where I live) it is currently JPY239,400 inclusive of tax.
    In Singapore, I called a shop and found out that the price is SGD3,230.

    My husband is flying off to Hong Kong next week and I was thinking of getting him to pick up a Veneta for me there. Also, what do you girls think of getting a Veneta in a classic color vs. seasonal color? My favourite was the camel from F/W 07, but BV never goes on sale in Japan, and I hate to have to pay full price for camel when I know full well that it goes on sale in the rest of the world. So I am thinking of purchasing a classic color so I will never have to feel frustrated about having lost out on a sale :crybaby:TIA.
  6. Minda,

    What a coincidence, I just bought a large camel veneta in HK a couple of weeks ago! It was HKD 13,900, which is roughly USD 1800. I was torn about the color as well - should I go for a classic color that never goes on sale, or get a color that I love? I was contemplating between Noce and Camel but I ended up getting Camel. Yes, I could have bought it at a cheaper price elsewhere (in the US or UK) but I knew it will never go on sale in Korea. And it was much cheaper than what I would have to pay in Korea anyway...

    Camel is such a beautiful color and I have no regrets about it :smile: So I say go for it!
  7. thanks guccipig! I am so envious of your camel venetta. The color is beautiful and I prefer that to the noce too. Please post action pics! I am so miserable maybe that might cheer me up! :sad: Seems that camel is not on sale in HK, Singapore and Japan.
  8. ^ You guys can still get it from bluefly, right? I think they can ship internationally, but not sure to which countries.. I, myself just got a camel large veneta from them. It def authentic & the color is TDF... love it...
  9. Hi Cutiekiara, I have seen the pics of your bag in your posts and it is gorgeous! Understand you purchased from Bluefly - so did you get the one labelled "Camel" or "Beige"? At least your "camel" turned out to be a true camel!
  10. ^ I've bought the one with label "Camel" and it turned out to be the real camel. I've checked the color code inside it as well.. HTH