Quick question about Bleecker Duffles?

  1. I have a couple of Coach gift cards that I got for Christmas and my Birthday and I am trying to decide what to get with them. It was between the Heritage Stipe Large Tote in Grass and the Bleecker Duffle in Grass. I think I have decided against the Heritage tote because i'm not really a tote person and I don't think the straps will fit over my shoulder. I really love the grass green Bleecker duffle but I don't know what size to get. I have the large in the magenta and I love it but it's huge! Is the medium duffle significantly smaller? I haven't tried it on but i'm just curious as to how much smaller it is. Is the strap about as long as the large one? Any info would be greatly appreciated! TIA!!
  2. Yes...the medium is manageably smaller. I have the large in Magenta and Canary and the Wine in the medium. There is a lot less strap on the smaller one. But...I love them all!:yes: