Quick question about being banned?

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  1. I am new here so please excuse me if this is a stupid question. I read a thread about people being banned from coach for over buying. Then as I am reading and posting I notice alot of peoples sigs say they are banned :shrugs: Does coach ban that many people or are they personal ones people apply to themselves?
  2. Those bans are personal ones the posters have set for themselves. I don't think Coach would want to ban us! :P
  3. Most of the time this just means that people put themselves on a ban because they have bought too much recently and need to watch their spending! Although, if you were reading the "letter" threads then those were about outlets prohibiting people from buying things because they were assumed to be buying in bulk and selling on ebay.
  4. Hehe thanks for clearing that up for me :yes:
  5. My hubby would be so glad if Coach actually did ban me. I better not put the thought in his mind or he may think of some way to have it done.