quick question about a L.a.m.b. coat

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  1. Hey guys i know this is a lamb purse forum but i wanted to ask all you lambies out there if her coats run small or big? My mom was at off 5th and she saw the spy coat (jacquard print one) but it was 10. I am small up top and have wider hips. I usually wear a 6 on a good day:P but at times can be a 8:sad:? Do u think this 10 will be to big for me...???
  2. Clothing q's are totally welcome! I collect the clothes a little more than the bags, really. On that note, L.A.M.B. is notorious for being inconsistent in sizing, so it always changes season to season (even within the same season!).

    The spy coat runs slightly small. A lot of girls here have it and I think everyone would say that it runs on the small size, so one size up would probably be good, but 2 sizes up might be too bulky. Why not have your buy it so you can try it on for size? Who knows, it might just be the perfect size for you!
  3. I have the spy coat and I'm normally a size 2 or small. I had ordered the 4 and while it fit, it was a bit snug. I ended up with a 6 and it's way more comfortable...I feel like I can breathe in the 6 :smile: haha ..
    So , yea -the coat runs small..
    It is a kick ass coat, you should pick it up and try it --worse case scenerio, you just return it.
    Good luck.
    Let us know what you decide
  4. oyeaaa,
    spy coat definitely run small.. i order my regular size, it fit but sometimes i can't breath in it.. lol.. definitely get it and try them on, if looks too bulky, just return it... it's HAWT!
  5. I wear a size 2 to 4 normally in everything and I have the spy coat in size 8 that's how inconsistent the sizing really is. Like I have the Dolly dress in size 2 but the coat is in size 8 can you believe it? :shrugs:
  6. ^ haha..that's how i felt when i needed the coat in a 6 ! i was like WTF ! and I getting that fat :smile: lol