Quick Ques: Is the pink vernis a permanant color?

  1. Is this a limited edition color or is it permanant? Sorry for the stupid ques but I have no idea!
  2. Hi,
    Do you mean the strawberry pink looking vernis. Someone was looking at a wallet when I went to buy my Damier 30. Beautiful! I had to restrain myself.
  3. I believe it is called Framboise....this is the piece I am eyeing....but I wanted to ask for it for my bday but that isn't til Sept - so I wanna make sure it will still be around.

  4. I'm sure it'll still be around but no color in the vernis line is ever permanent. You might have to do a bit of searching come the end of the year though.
  5. ^^^Ok, thx for that info!
  6. Framboise is only around for this year...its gorgeous!!
  7. OK, thx!

    WOuld you say it is more red or more pink?
  8. More pink, than red. But it was under fluorescent lighting.
  9. Here..I kind of did a comparison awhile ago..the Lexington and the PTI are fuchsia and the Houston is framboise. I think the framboise is a dark frosty pink.
  10. pretty vernis stuff.
  11. Thx LVbabydoll, I love your stuff!
  12. I love the lexington in that color!! I wonder what's the next vernis color they'll be introducing...
  13. I would love a navy blue color with a frosty shimmer....
  14. Wow, that framboise is beautiful. I wish they had kept the lighter pink permanently!:sad: