Quick Ques: Does Nordstrom Fine Jewlery Go on Sale?

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I've just recently gotten into jewlery, I have a couple of basic pieces of Tiffany and a aquamarine ring, but now I would like to add more to my collection.

    This weekend I went to Nordstrom and saw that they had a gorgeous diamond encrusted Key pendant necklace, and I was wondering if Nordstrom's fine jewlery ever goes on sale?

    Since I know that like Bloomingdales and Macys jewlery goes on sale..so JW.

    Also is Nordstrom diamonds jewlery ok quality wise? I just want a couple of fun pieces to play around with heh. TIA ladies!
  2. The had several pieces on sale recently during the Anniversary sale.
  3. ^ yeh I totally missed out on that one :sad:

    But I'm pretty sure that the piece I was looking at wasn't a part of the sale.

    Just wondering since bloomies have these sales where their diamonds jewelry is 50% off, so hopefully nordies does this too heh
  4. What piece are you looking for...? maybe you can find it online elseware for cheaper.
  5. yes.. very cute.