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Poppy bagfan

aka Poppy Dogfan
May 31, 2008
I have just bought from the Bay a black Bays clutch (standard size) in what looks like NVT - certainly not patent or sparkly or what have you.

Question is this....

Did they ever come in NVT? I am almost certain they did in the very first incarnation.....but that was quiet a while ago....

Anyone help me out?

thats what i was also thinking CB.....I dont mind that either - it has pewter h/w so am utterly delighted with it, but wanted to make sure i was not dreaming having seen them somewhere in NVT. Thanks.

BTW - my DD's best friend has a toy pug...having both seen pics of Pookie, this toy pug is now named....Pookie!! your puppy is famous!
Well done Pookie Bagfan! I meant to look as the auction ended. Mulberry really need to ratchet up more pewter/gunmetal hardware. It is amazing.

Ahhh yes that was it! Thanks LMM - thats put my mind at rest! it was an antique leather....

been ogling your daria! if ever you wsnt to move either the ink or the grey on....:graucho::flowers:
You may take my freedom .. but you may never take my Daaaaaaariaaaaaaaaaas :P

Mousey is still on her holibags in Shepton .. hopefully to return asap! Inky is in the wardrobe .. waiting for me to get bored of turquoise Mitzy! :biggrin:
I have to say i love the way you know exactly what you like and your collection (and it is a collection not juts a hotch potch of bags like mine) is just divine!

What is mousey at shepton? i missed that....
Mousey has had some inking/splitting leather issues.

The little loop of leather that hooks around the ring, which attaches to the handle .. the inking had come away & the 2 pieces of leather that make up the loop had started to split. Will attach a pic, as I am aware that what I have just said probably makes no sense at all :lol:

She has been away since the end of May .. but will hopefully be back soon, thanks to some intervention from the lovely Gillian @ Mulberry!

It started to happen on the other side too .. so I decided to nip it in the bud. Fingers crossed she comes back ok!!



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Oh what a bummer LMM - re your daria....I hope she comes back soon reinforced and ready for action!

remember me if you are thining of letting go:
Ink Blue Daria Hobo
Mouse Grey Daria Hobo
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