Quick Q-The difference between Glace and Mat?

  1. ok LV gurus, can some one enlight me on what is the difference between Glace, Mat(t?)? I know they are both discontinued along w/Black Damier, but i can't really tell the difference between Glace and Mat when i see the pix from karenkooper's site:sweatdrop:
  2. Hi, I try to answer your question but never feel I'm a guru :p just by I've mat & glace. I'll post you the pic.

    First time to see them, I can't see the difference till I compared them.

    Mat is more shiny than Glace, but no as shiny as vernis.
    Mat has more smooth surface ( ooh, I'm a bit confuse how to explain:p , see my pics )

    Pic 1 = glace
    Pic 2 = mat
    Glace Valisette  ( thumbnail ) ( back ).JPG Matt Malden.jpg
  3. Oh glace has 2 colors only : black & brown
    Mat has 4 ( quote me if I'm wrong ) colors: black ( grey ), blue, gold ( amber ), violet.
  4. the Glace doesn't have the shimmery surface that the Mat has
  5. oh i c, so the main difference is Mat have some sort of 'textured', and Glace is just smooth surface? What about durability?
  6. :yes::yes: that's I meant, thanks yeuxhonnetes :smile:
  7. :confused1: I think Mat has smooth surface, not Glace...
    Oh they're 'strong like iron' :roflmfao: but my I notice Mat is easier get scratches than Glace by Mat texture smoother than Glace...
  8. sorry...what's black damier? :confused1:
  9. Glacé is my favourite material. I never got into the Mat material.

    Basically, Glacé feels like a plush real leather material, with the LV's embossed onto the leather. It is a real pleasure to the touch.

    Mat is alot smoother (but when I say smooth, I mean it like a steel wall smooth) and doesn't have that same leather texture. It doesn't feel like real leather at all. * As you can tell, I'm not the greatest fan of Mat material :p *

    I was soooooooo pissed off when they discontinued Glacé but hopefully, either they'll bring it back or they'll be the next "big" thing :yes:
  10. lvgodiva- i am DYING for both the pieces you have!
  11. the glace looks black but turns more brown in natural light...it is also smoother than the mat (im pretty sure).
  12. maybe its like monogram mini, and monogram mini lin?
  13. Did you mean these?