Quick Q re weight of leathers

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    Can someone please help me and confirm for
    togo vs clemence...

    Is the Clemence that much heavier than the togo, as i love both leather properties that each have, but have read that Togo is lightweight. Would my JPG Clemence be similar weight to a 35 Clemence Birkin?

    Also, Is the difference between the 2 leather that significant for a 35cm Birkin??

    Many Thanks in advance
  2. i havent had the pleasure of toting a togo bag around all day (yet!!!) but i have clemence and let me tell you...it is HEAVY. i only carry a wallet/agenda and a coin purse and my keys (today for example) and i had the bag on the crook of my arm at a store and nearly collapsed. it just weighs a ton. i can actually fit the handles on my shoulder but the hardware is right under my arm so its not very comfortable to walk around this way so i hand-hold it and this makes for a tiring day. :smile: but i still love love love the bag and wouldn't hesitate to get more!!
  3. Someone posted a while ago that their jpg was 1.6kg, which is significantly heavier than a 35cm birkin would be. I would be surprised if a 35 clemence would be more than a 35 togo - certainly not significant. Fjord is supposed to be heavier than both of them & my fjord 35 is 1.26kg. Apart from chevre, which may be under 1kg, I'm pretty sure other leathers would run 1.2-1.3kg depending on the bag. To me, this is insignificant. It's all the stuff inside that makes the difference!
  4. Croissant - I carry the same things as i am quite a minimalist... so i am surprised that the clemence 35 is still that heavy.. that's what putting me off the birkin i'm eyeing...

    Xquisite - Thanks for the info... I didn't think that the difference between the other leathers is so small.. Its just the info written up on the togo is that it's light weight, whereas it's not mentioned on the clemence description.... hmm.. i think i might weigh my jpg now haha... if the 35 is lighter, i guess a 35 clemence is do-able

    Thanks ladies for your answers
  5. i almost collapsed from heat and being tired..so perhaps im giving clemence a worse reputation than it deserves..but i assure you it is not a light bag. its not terrible, but not lightweight. quite easy to pile on the weight with only a few small items. i hear epsom is the lightest weight.
  6. I also heard sometime before that clemence is supposed to be heavier than togo. But I just got a Bleu Brighton Birkin 35 in clemence, and it's superlight!! The lightness is just shocking! I compared it to my Vert anis Birkin 35 in Togo, and the togo is heavier! So it could also be that it really varies not only between clemence and togo, but also within clemence as well.
  7. The only time I managed to compare the weight of Togo and Clemence, were 2 Kellys in the exact same colour, same size and same style i.e. retourne. And I could tell which Kelly was in Clemence and which in Togo simply by having one in each hand. Clemence is marginally heavier.

    And I feel that the JPG shoulder birkin in Clemence is heavier than the 35cm Clemence Birkin.
  8. many thanks again ladies..

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    Croissant - you are too funny.. heheh
  9. There is a weight chart somewhere in the threads here. Check it out! :yes:
  10. Thanks Hello..

    I didn't know there was a (semi) weight chart thread already

    Maybe one of the mods can sticky it in the Reference Thread, and hopefully more ppl can contribute to the Chart