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  1. Hi,

    just received this. A pre-loved Araline in silky snake. I love Aralines, but have not seen it in this material before.

    Does anyone know the official name of the colour please?


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  2. Hi, there is a picture of a bays in the ref library that is the same colour. Apparently the colour is Boudreaux. ( think it's on page 7, position 95)
  3. I've never seen this style or this color before. But congrats on the new purchase!
  4. Hi,

    The Araline came in Python in Purple. Could you have a genuine python rather than silky snake bag?

    That would be a steal if you paid a silky snake price ;)
  5. Hi,

    ooooh! I was just assuming it was silky snake! All excited now.

    Having found some pics I think it is python! it is suede lined.

    Thank you for the heads up!

    Now, how do i care for it?? I have already (gently) put collonil cream on it.

  6. and i think i will need twillies as well! lol
  7. Ooh lucky girl.

    Mulberry have had various pythons over the years, one you could spray with collinol and one you couldn't. As far as I am aware they recommend no products for their current exotics but that's only ostrich for now.

    Maybe you could email customer services and ask for a copy of the care card that would have originally come with the bag?
  8. Looks immaculate, well done and when you get a chance, can we have a pic in daylight to see the colour?

  9. Thanks all!

    Yes, I will mail Mulberry.

    these are a couple of pics which are quite true to colour.


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  10. Love the print!
  11. That looks so luscious and the python so shiny!
  12. Wow, gorgeous colour!
  13. Wow they don't make em like they used to for sure - amazing
  14. Beautiful all around! Love the shape, color, texture,strap,tassle...just FABULOUS!!:smile:
  15. Hiya,

    thank you all!

    Quick update: I contacted Mulberry, and their advice was:

    "For Python skin, there is not a product we would recommend as this is such a delicate leather.

    Due to the nature of the material, it is recommended that exposure to strong sunlight and rain is avoided as this may damage the delicate finish.

    I do hope this helps and if you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us"

    so I guess I won't be treating it with anything!