Quick Precious Sighting in Vegas...

  1. :heart: OMG!!! In Vegas, I had meant to post this, I saw the cutest thing I had ever seen in my entire life!!!! Me and Icechick were taking a break from shopping and sitting at an outside sweltering table having an icecoffee at Starbucks and we saw walking down the street the most adorable Asian couple, girl and boy. They were both carrying the most beautiful white fluffy doggies that had just been impeccably groomed, they looked like mini spitzes or something. I've never seen a white pomme before, but they were beautiful, so each one was holding a white fluffed out dog, then we noticed the girl had the azure Saleya MM dangling from her wrist, then as they walked by we saw the guy had the azur Naviglio from behind. HOW CUTE WAS that, a couple with matching azurs and two white handheld dogs, :drool:
    I've never seen anything like it before and as an avid bag watcher had to share, wish I had a pic, but hopefully, you can imagine by my words...:yes:
  2. oh how cute!
  3. Aw, so adorable!
  4. How cute!!!!!!
  5. How cute. I love dogs!!!!
  6. Very cute and very stylish couple!! Thanks for sharing.
  7. I saw it perfectly in my mind's eye! Thanks for the visual!
  8. That is so cute.
  9. I know, Man, I wish I had a boyfriend like that.... it was just the most precious thing I have ever seen, me and icechick were like.... awwwwwww....
  10. AWWW!! matching puppies and LV!! how adorable :heart:
  11. awwww!!
  12. Very cute!
  13. Super Cute!
  14. Aw that sounds adorable but poor doggies, it has been so hot there! I would have wanted to leave them at home in the a/c.
  15. Cute story!