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Which bag should I get 1st?

  1. Vernis Brea MM in Amarante

  2. Vernis Bellevue GM in Pomme

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hi all, pls help me decide which bag I should get 2moro. I luv both and cant decide which one I should get 1st. It is tough~!
    One more question, is Bellevue GM in Pomme still available in store? Didn't bother to call the boutique yet but I've checked online. It is still available in LV Aussie site so I assume they still have it. Anyone has any clue?
    Thanks in advance~
  2. They are still selling it but may be OOS at the moment.
  3. Brea MM in Amarante
  4. Oops I forgot to answer your question on which bag to get--definitely the Brea!
  5. I love Amarante colour so my vote goes to that :biggrin:
  6. I don't like the shape of the Bellevue at all. :nogood: So my vote goes for the Brea. :tup:
  7. The Brea is stunning so I voted that.
  8. Brea!
  9. another vote for brea^^
  10. Get the Brea!
    I had a Bellevue GM before and sell her already. Don't really like her wide bottom (=
  11. Brea
  12. Brea - try them on, but I found the Bellevue to be really uncomfortable
  13. brea
  14. brea!
  15. Brea.