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  1. Background story, I'm turning 20 this mth, full time university student who tutors for spending money :smile:

    I've always always wanted a multicolor speedy and am currently saving up for one, but the Josephine wallet is somehow calling my name...should i get distracted from my long term goal of the speedy and just satisfy this LV craving instantly for a while with a Josephine or keep saving up?
  2. I would wait a little longer and get your HG!!! it's such a great bag and one of my faves too! GL!
  3. save up for the speedy!

    Is this your first LV? If so, I think I would like my first to be a purse.
  4. Wait for the speedy:tup:
  5. Continue saving up or you may regret it later.
  6. Save up for the speedy.
  7. is the MC speedy really being removed from sales? I heard rumors about that on the forum ><

    also: i already have a nf damier and a flocon coin purse :smile:
  8. go for speedy!
  9. definitely wait for speedy!
  10. Get the speedy!:biggrin:
  11. Save for the speedy!
  12. Save for the Speedy.
  13. I would check out if Josephine is permanent, and when are they going to discontinue MC speedy. If Josephine is permanent, you can always get it after MC speedy. ;)
  14. i would save. josephine isn't a TDF wallet by any means.
  15. Save for your HG. The multicolore speedy is so worth the wait!!