Quick poll! Which ZCP? Please vote!

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  1. I'm planning to get one tomorrow, but I'm really torn between these two. You see, my favorite color is purple, but I think the epi one is a bit too plain while the vernis is just heavenly (I like shiny things). Though red isn't my favorite color, it's the perfect kind of red. I'm afraid I won't get a chance to get it in the future. What do you all think?

    Thanks much! I'm excited! :yahoo:
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    That's great PosherThanThou! :heart:

    I chose the Monogram Vernis in Pomme D'Amour because it is just so pretty. If you LVoe purple, then try the Monogram Vernis Amarante colour. I have both in the ZCP style. Even though I am a purple fiend too, I find the Epi to be too boring. I have gone to the LV boutiques several times and picked up the Cassis Epi but ended up putting it back down and leaving the store.

    Yes, the Amarante does pick up fingerprints but they provide the wiping cloth. Initially, I got so paranoid that I would either wear my winter gloves to use it or try to avoid touching the leather except around the corners. Eventually, I 'broke in' the wallet and just used it and casually wiped it off when I got the chance. It's a gorgeous colour and so rich and deep. In that way, you don't regret getting the Amarante and worry so much about fingerprints. I guess it depends on how OCD you are. I thought I was pretty OCD but I couldn't refuse the Amarante color because it is so pretty.

    For me, if you get the Amarante, get another colour in the ZCP and the Monogram (yeah, I have that too :biggrin:) is a great basic. I am totally gaga over ZCPs as you can see. :nuts:

    Good luck in your decision! :tup:

    Oh, one more thing: I would ask for them to put out a few Vernis wallets out and choose the ones with the deeper LV Monogram impressions. I personally prefer the deep pillowy impression over the lighter pressed Monogram print. The deeper prints just have a better play of colour and light and just dazzles my eyes every time I take the wallet out.
  3. Vernis :blush:
  4. T-Girl, thanks for the input. It's nice to hear someone who's crazy for purple didn't pick purple (part of me kinda feels bad whenever I end up buying something that's not purple when purple is available lol) Yeah, the embossing is another thing that concerns me as well. I like the deeper embossing, but I've been looking around for quite some time now, and I haven't really seen one that's deep enough for my liking, so I just gave up on it. Also, I think I'm too OCD for amarante, so I kinda have given up on that color.
  5. my vote is for pomme! and like T-girl I like the deeper embossed vernis and pomme is mostly deep (wierd but my vert tonic is really shallow and there wasnt any that were deep) and another thing I really love love love about vernis is the smell!..
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    I guess I am lucky to have THREE LV boutiques in my city and one is across the street from the other. :rolleyes: So, I would go from store to store and in one, I asked them to take out four Pommes and three didn't interest me one bit, and the SA 'remembered' one more and when he took that out, my heart skipped a beat and I literally grabbed that one out of his hands and bought it then and there.

    As for the Amarante, the SA in the other boutique sensed I was picky and took out the deepest impressed Amarante. I took that one within a minute after looking at it.

    I know what you mean about being OCD. It took me two months to finally let go of the fingerprint issue. In fact, I enjoy wiping the prints off because the time I use enables me to enjoy the dazzling rich colour which renews my LVoe for the wallet even more. Yeah, it's like a dark red vintage wine :drinkup: and I cannot seem to get enough of my fill.

    On the otherhand, I find the Cassis colour to be a bit weak especially with the 'boring' Epi print. I am sorry but I get so easily bored if something looks the same throughout. That's why I like the Monogram print.

    Also, I completely forgot about the gorgeous Vernis smell as deem0nessa mentions. Yes! The smell of Monogram Vernis is just divine! :love: It smell like rich luxury! :heart: Also, the deep impressed Monogram print is so beautiful. Yes, I am very lucky I have the luxury of being picky and it paid off. :yes:

    I am not much of a red person either but the Pomme colour just captured my heart because I saw one woman take out a wallet two years ago and the colour just attracted my attention :wtf: so completely. Honestly, of the two, if I had to choose, I would choose the Pomme colour over the Amarante because it is brighter and tantalizes the optic nerves. ;)
  7. Pomme without a second thought! The vernis is so cute in the ZCP. I'd save the Epi for larger items.
  8. Pomme!!
  9. I feel like the Epi in cassis will last longer.
  10. Vernis in Pomme
  11. The zcp in vernis pomme is so pretty!
  12. Love the pomme!
  13. Pomme Vernis -- so gorgeous!!
  14. sorry but can anyone tell me whats ZCP? thx in advance!:biggrin:
  15. I'm not a red person at all but the color is really pretty. I would go for Amarante and get something else in Pomme.