Quick Poll: MAM in Sea Green or Tangerine?

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  1. Which do you prefer?

    Do you find that one has softer leather than the other?

    Any opinions welcome, please, since you ladies are the experts!

  2. Absolutely Sea Green, though I have to say the Tangy's pretty (and I'm usually not a fan of orange). But IMO, the combination of the Sea Green w/ the light gold hardware is TDF - I was seriously considering this one awhile back, till I reminded myself I do NOT need another bag!
  3. Sea Green definitely.
  4. I vote sea green! The color seems to be richer and "deeper" than the tangy (altho the tangy is beautful, too!)
  5. Sea green, hands down! You can probably match it with more of your wardrobe and wear it through the seasons!
  6. I was debating the same thing myself - I went with Sea Green. I might try to snag a Tangy one on eBay if I see a good deal.

    I just thought that Sea Green would be a better compliment to my wardrobe!
  7. well that's pretty unanimous!

    few823 - how do you find the leather? In pictures it looks like it's very stiff - do you find it so? Does it soften with use at all?
  8. It actually hasn't arrived yet :sad: But I'll be sure to post pictures and give you a full review when it gets here. Probably by Friday or Saturday!
  9. ah perfect - cheers for that! Looking forward to seeing pics of yours too when she arrives!
  10. I've got both and I prefer the Sea Green. Not because I don't love my tangerine, its just that the Sea Green is absolutely divine. Plus, the leather is definitely softer right out of the box.
  11. sea green, i am not an orange person.
  12. sea green! it's a stunning color and i think it will match with more
  13. I vote for Sea Green as well. As others have said, this is a more versatile color that will take you through all seasons.
  14. Sea green, I'm also not an orange person. I think the Sea Green is more versatile with a wardrobe.