quick poll for u all

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do u like or dislike the belted ergo hobo?

  1. like

  2. dislike

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  1. do u
    like or
    the belted ergo hobo
  2. I like!
  3. I love the belted ergo!!! I LOVE ALL ERGOS!!!!! In fact, I bought my FIRST ERGO today in the boutique and was stuck b/w the belted ergo and the regular medium signature ergo! I chose the regular medium signature ergo b/c I LOVE chocolate brown bags and the belted ergo didnt come in chocolate brown! Maybe it will some day!!!!!!!!!!!! Then she will be mine, too!!! :graucho:
  4. I like I like!
  5. I like them!
  6. I like, no I LOVE, the belted ergo hobo. It's super cute and not quite as plain as the regular ergo hobo.
  7. I voted for "like" but have to clarify that I like it on others, but just can't seem to like it on ME. I fell in love with the med plum belted, bought it during PCE, and fell out of love with it just as quickly.
  8. Mmmm, not a fan of ergo:tdown:.....to thin and I would rather have Legacy:tup:....but its a personall preference....I am not a fan of open bags....not really safe...But they are cute....
  9. Love them. Had the plum belted in my hands at PCE but something else was calling me.
  10. Another vote for like.
  11. I own 6 large Ergo hobos-I think that qualifies for love-BUT I have to admit I don't like the belt because I don't like the way the belt lays on the bag. I do however like the belt on the Ergo tote.

    I vote dislike.
  12. Own the large plum belted hobo. Get more compliments on it than any of my other bags.

    BTW. Hobos are zip closure. Very safe.:tup:
  13. The Ergo Hobo has a zip-top it's not open
  14. I am currently carrying the medium plum belted ergo and its one of nices bags that I have (and I have a lot of nice bags!!)
  15. I love them. I own one - medium black leather - and I get so many compliments on that bag.