Quick poll: Ease my pain! Red or Black Ergo Patent???


Which patent ergo? Black, Red, or Both???

  1. black patent ergo

  2. red patent ergo

  3. get em both & u can always decide to return one later!

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  1. Hi everyone! I'm new to the Coach forum, but not tPF! So, this is my first PCE and I neeeeeed to decide by sometime today which one to choose:

    Black patent Ergo large hobo or Red/coral patent Ergo large hobo. :confused1:

    At the moment, I am leaning towards the black--seems so ultra chic and versatile, but the pretty red has been calling out to me since the day I discovered it. Should I choose one or get both at the discount and decide later???

    Also if u own one of these, can u tell me if it is easy to keep the red patent clean of stains? I would think the coating keeps it from getting stained too easily? Usu. I am afraid to even use red bags...for fear of stains, as I have small children.

  2. I say play it safe in regards to stains/being versatile etc. and get the black! I have to tell you about a sighting I had yesterday....I was at Michael's craft store and a lady was walking around with the black patent hobo. It looked AWESOME! I think the red is very pretty but I see the black going with anything you wear where the red you would definitely be limited. I was amazed at the slouch the bag has! I always thought it was HUGE and would be overwhelming but now that I have seen it on someone IRL, it looks perfect! Not too big, not too small... LOVE!!! I love the feel of them! LOL Let us know what you decide. They're both beautiful!!!:tup:
  3. I have the red and I love it. It is one of the easiest bags to take care of. I have not had any problems with staining or scuffing thus far and I've had her for a few months.

    The bottom line: You can't go wrong with either black or red. I think both are great. Black might be more versatile, but I went with red b/c I saw it and fell in love!
  4. I vote black just because it's more versatile and will last longer fashion wise.. either way you can't go wrong though! :tup:
  5. I say get the red one. While black is very versatile, this may be THE red bag. You can always get a good versatile black in another style of bag, since they all pretty much, come in black. I think you should go with what you LOOOVE and it sounds like you love the red, so I say go for it.
  6. RED all the way! If you're going to do patent leather, you gotta go all the way! Plus ever since I heard a customer refer to the black one as looking like a garbage bag, that's all i think hen i see it now!
  7. Good point! :yes: I didn't think of that...ummmmm....maybe I want to switch my vote to red now! LOL
  8. ^thanks everyone who's voted so far! It's really difficult to decide! I can see the black patent really going with every outfit, but I do already have a black ergo coach tote...the black looked better on me when i modeled both at the store...but that red is some serious red! LOL!
  9. I've got both. Well, plus the mahogany.

    I love both, but my heart belongs to the red. You won't regret it. The patent ergos are ridiculously easy to take care of and that red is just luscious in real life.
  10. RED!!! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: it!!! When it first came out in black, I almost got it, but then when it came in red, there was no question!!! It is gorgeous, and so easy to take care of. Go for the red - it is FABULOUS! :yes:
  11. I say get them both. Then just return the one you like less. Have fun!
  12. You should buy both since you're still undecided and PCE ends this weekend. Buy both, take your time deciding and then return the one you don't want. I agree with ranskimmie. Good call :tup:
  13. Get both if you can..but if you can only get one get the RED
  14. i say red because it is bright and is contrasting to any outfit which will make that baby POP..kwim...keep us updated on what you decide..
  15. I say red. That's what I have. I almost went with mahogony because it was practical. But then I remembered, if I wanted a practical handbag I could go to JCPenny's.

    I walked into Coach yesterday with mine and an SA complimented me on it right away and said they were sold out. Display only left.

    It is big, but it still works.