quick poll: delightful azur hot pink or rose ballerine?

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hot pink or rose ballerine lining on damier azur delightful????

  1. rose ballerin

  2. hot pink

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. ok, the title says it all. i haven't seen either one in person so relying upon eyes and ears in the field. ok, maybe just eyes, lol. which do you prefer on the damier azur delightful, the rose ballerine lining or the hot pink lining?

    edit to add: mispelled rose ballerine, so sorry, won't let me edit it : )
  2. Rose ballerine!
  3. miaborsa, you are so quick! fastest response ever : )
  4. Rb !!!
  5. I must have been in the right place at the right time!! :lol:
  6. RB has my vote.
  7. Rb💖
  8. Rb rb rb!!!!!
  9. Hot pink !!
  10. Hot pink!
  11. Rose ballerine
  12. Hot pink

  13. Great question. That was going thru my mind also. I'm so ready for azur and now they have some fresh choices. I was going to research color transfer with the hot pink and then how well the rose ballerine holds up over time. Maybe it's just a personality thing.
  14. please post if you find any info on color transfer relating to the hot pink : )
  15. I have the hot pink and I love the contrast and think its really pretty. To be fair I have not seen the light pink in the delightful in person.