Quick poll before I go!

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  1. I've decided that I shouldn't be allowed out alone when it comes to bags.
    So, I need your help before I head off to Shepton - again!

    So here's my shortlist.

    Red Mabel (if John Lewis still has any).
    Lemon Roxy.
    Aqua Roxy.
    White Roxy.
    Oak Hanover.
    Coral Agyness hobo.

    Any opinions on which one should come home with me. Criteria is I'm looking for a great summer bag. I wear a lot of white linen in the summer with black, navy, pink, coral.
  2. I have to say SJ you have been talking about that coral agyness hobo a lot in previous threads.. Thats my choice.
  3. My motto is if I have to think about it too long its not for me. If it doesn't shout 'Buy Me" then walk away and forget it. God can't believe how sensible I sound or old:lol:
  4. That's the one I walked around with for a while. It was lovely.

    You don't sound old & I definitely need sensible!!! Wish I could bump into you today in the cafe!
  5. Yup thats my choice , does it have the gold hardware?
  6. SJ to be totally blunt - You returned the Roxy for a damn good reason - it was too heavy, therefore it is always going to be heavy, question you have to ask yourself is when your out with the kids for the day and it's absolutely scorching hot are you going to enjoy carting Roxy around or are you going to come home frazzled cos it's hot, the kids have been playing up and you sling Roxy in the back of the wardrobe grumbling that it's too heavy.
  7. Aww wish I could be there but I'm back in rainy Edinburgh.:tdown:
  8. Oooh this is like good cop, bag cop!
    Riff, you are totally right - it was because it was too heavy. I'm going to try it on with all my gear & walk around the shop.
    I appreciate I am probably coming across as completely ridiculous - all this ho-ha about a bag!
  9. I just googled it . It's very elegant SJ and smooshy and you know you like your smooshy bags . Maybe the Roxy was too structured??? What about ordinary agyness in coral?
  10. Nope, not coming across as ridiculous at all. Sorry SJ I'm in work I hope that didn't come across short.
  11. SJ what about Jody in Seville???? Super zingy and smooshy??

  12. I'm off to have a good look. Think it will need a couple of cups of tea in the cafe & ponder. I've had the lemon & aqua Roxies & the coral hobo put by. See you all later!
  13. Have fun!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to hear what you get........
  14. You know me - probably be something completely different!
    Riff, you weren't short, you were just what I need. :flowers:
  15. I`d laugh if she comes back with the oak hanover.

    Who knows !! Shepton are in for a busy morning I suspect !!

    Hope you find what you are looking for......