Quick poll- Are you a COLLECTOR or a USER?

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Which one are you?

  1. I'm a collector

  2. I'm a user

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Just wondering-

    Does it bother you that a beauty is not being used? Or does it make you smile that your beauty is stored away for that perfect day to use her?
  2. What about in the middle? Certain bags I prefer to use frequently (Illovo, Papillon, for example) and certain bags I prefer to put away and only use once in awhile because it's discontinued/high maintenance (CB pochette, Miroir pochette, for example)
  3. I consider myself a user because I really use my bags (just like any addict, LOL!). However, since joining TPF I am trying to collect different lines/styles (Only had mono, now have MC, Vernis, Damier, Denim). I guess I also have to say collector because I have way more things than I can really use!
  4. I'm with Karman! I use my damier speedy almost everyday but my trapeze pm sits in the closet until my outfit is right
  5. I'm both. I use most of my pieces but I don't really take my CB pochette out.
  6. Just a general question- in general- do you buy bags and keep them forever (collector by most definitions) or do you really feel the need to fight off the fact that another LV is sitting in hiding..... patiently waiting.... and in some opinions- unjustified when you know another LV lover would KILL to carry your bag.
  7. I'm definitely more of a user. I'm a college student, so the designer bags will definitely be used, what with little money I have and the months that I have been saving up for!
  8. My first LV was purchases in 99 so I've had LV for awhile. I have some bags that aren't really "in style" any more like my Looping and Bucket. Nevertheless, I don't think I'll sell my LVs. I just love having them. I have all my original old Coach bags too that you don't see around. I guess I am a collector and a pack rat. LOL
  9. user! otherwise hubby will not feel "justify" buying me bags :P. i remember how happy he was when he knew i carried the bag he bought for me everyday :love:
  10. User all the way. I think it's ridiculous to spend $$ on bags that aren't going to be used and enjoyed. The exception is with evening bags or other specialty items.

    Collecting, IMO, is for things like heirloom china or fine wines. Those can sit for awhile looking pretty and unused. As far as bags are concerned, use 'em!
  11. I use my bags...and will not collect them for other purposes......Jewlery I collect but for bags...I am all about using them...
  12. I didn't vote because I do both, collect AND use. :yes:
  13. im more of both. I use some, i collect some. But I try to use it once in a while also. Like my birkin :graucho:
  14. currently is user....
  15. I am a user.