Quick please! Does anyone know what the snaphead color on the hot pink keyfob is

  1. supposed to be???? Pink, black, or some other color??? Thanks!
  2. Jenn, more info, I"m lost with this one???
  3. I am not sure which one you are asking about??? More info needed!!
  4. Should it look like #1 or #2 (the snap with Coach on it where you can unsnap the leather)
    ae4c_2.JPG 6bf8_2.JPG
  5. those are so cute.. whats the sytle # on that snaphead keyfob?? is it out already?
  6. This is a total guess, but my gut tells me that it should be silver. The other one just doesn't look right to me.
  7. Here's the drilldown - maybe both are fake!!
  8. This is the one I saved from the online catalog months ago in a different color. The snaphead matches the leather on that one so I guess that;s my answer? Neither of these show the ring though :sad:
  9. I think #2 matches the drilldown of the one you just posted perfectly! :yes:
  10. I think that;s the men's version. There is a woman's and man's version. Right now the woman's is only available in silver and saddle I think but they used to have a pink one...
  11. Thanks Mokoni! I'm going to do a little bit more looking around before I jump into anything....
  12. I have this key fob. My snaphead looks like the one in photo #2 but it also has the key ring attached to it. I bought it about 2 years ago. Hope that helps