Quick picture posting question

  1. If I upload a picture in the manage attachment section under browsing from my own computer, will the properties show my description, or purseblogs? I want it to show purseblog.

    Help! TIA!
  2. What description? The file name?
  3. Yes, that's it!

    Bjara <-------very uncomputer savvy :shame:
  4. It does show it, when you mouse over the thumbnail that gets attached.
  5. Any clue on how to change it? A pic I want to post has a name in it that I would rather not divulge. :oh:

    Wait..I think I figured it out. Rename....duh.
  6. You can simply right click on the file and go to "Rename"... then give the image file another name.
  7. Thanks, got it! :biggrin: